Calming Your Creative Space with a Meditation Art Sculpture

I’ve been meditating for years now and along the way I have developed a skill for creating harmonious meditation sculptures. These sculptures carve out a relaxing space for meditation in a living room, bedroom, or study. Meditation sculptures are arrangements of ¬†buddha statues, crystal spheres, polished stone, candles, artwork, and other items. There are guides to Feng Shui, but the type of sculptural artwork described here is personal and subjective because it is meant to aid in meditation, relaxation, and calm reflection. Although each sculpture will be uniquely manifested by the creator, I’ll describe the method and thought processes I go through to create my meditation sculptures to help give you some ideas about your own!


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Blog Intent

This blog is designed to be a space to draft and catalogue artistic ideas and progress. I like to see the creative process through time, so this will be a place to analyze projects I have completed as well as those I wish to embark upon in the future. In addition, I will discuss art theory, art philosophy, and the cognitive science of art and creativity.

In so doing, I hope to create a record of thought and a place to compile ideas so that I may help to aid my own creativity and that of others.