How do stocks fit into a creative life?

I must admit, I am an individual of diversified passions. I’m an artist, and this is, perhaps, the side I identify with most, and like to identify with most. However, I am also extremely interested in technology, design, urban planning, and the stock market.

What may be the common thread in these seemingly diverse activities, you may ask? Dynamism. At heart, I think I am a futurist. Content in constant flux. Finding awe in the natural flow and rhythm of production, creation, destruction. For this reason, I wonder at natural phenomena such as the beating drone of a water fall. Trying my eyes to focus on one point and conceptualizing what it means to have all that water in constant motion. And further expanding this thinking to conceive the river as both a flowing entity, teaming with the dichotomy of molecular holism. The river existing as an extension in time and space linking distant lands-a flowing thread made of singular bits convinced to travel together.

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