Creative Entrepreneurship

The idea of starting a business has been brewing for some time among my friends and I. It takes courage and conviction, but the payoff could be good in terms of monetary payoff and impact on a field.

I think the direction I would want to head in is some sort of creative consulting. But this would not be anything new. There are creative consultants in many fields, and they have to do with marketing, advertising, and positioning a product in a new and meaningful way. What I think I would like to pursue is creative problem solving. Actually helping in the design process for products that, preferable, are dedicated to helping people be creative. I like to deal with creativity at a meta-level and think about how it works and how to facilitate it.

I’ve been starting to work on the neuroscience of creativity by integrating biofeedback into the creative process using NeuroSky’s MindSet. In my most recent PhD project, I am recording brainwaves to analyze how creativity affects the mind, and also to integrate those neural impulses into the creative process.

I’ve long dreamed of a creative medium that directly interfaces with the brain and allows one to dream up creations and then manipulate them with the hands. Very similar to an early video that envisions the future of augmented reality in World Builder:

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