My art is abstract. I have three pieces in particular, titled ‘The Royal Family’ that exemplify my style thus far.

They exhibit flowing geometries that follow a self-coherent logic, they abide not by conventional artistic rules, but rather by rules developed within their own boundaries. A blank canvas is an infinitude of possibilities, a playground for ideas. My mind reels when confronted with such a magnificent phenomena. The process of abstract painting, for me, is two-fold:

  1. Spontaneous Creation
  2. Deduce and Develop Perceptual Logic

The process bounces between these extremes. In the beginning the rules are loose and there is a large degree of freedom, but as the piece progresses, the rules bind the spontaneity of creation. A dampened wave is a good visualization for this.

However, there are crucial turning points in a piece that break this process and provide the occasional spike, or even complete overhaul.   Certain creative discoveries alter the nature of the possibility space and restructure the artistic problem. The rules that develop create a problem to be solved: each shape, color, and relationship must “agree” with and “follow” the rules. To satisfy this constraint, one has to take many trips between the two steps, which are basically: unstructured creativity and structured creation. Oscillating between these two poles propels the art piece, or creative work, along.


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